If you present to the ER with a migraine, what medication(s) do you find works the best?

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Story

PART I: To start, I guess it would be crucial for you to understand how I got where I curently am. I began having migraine when I was 15, and if there was a typical trigger within 30 ft of me I found it. They got worse and worse until I have no choice but to withdraw from high school. I was admitted to UNC-Chapell Hill. There, they administered DHE therapy over a course of 3 or 4 days. After my discharge I returned back to school feeling at least 90% better. I was able to graduate with my classmates on time . Soon thereafter, I met my now ex-husband, and one thing led to another which led to the birth of our first son, Brooks. And the headaches? Gone. Just like that. Gone.

PART II: Eight years later, and so much has changed. My migraines had slowly resumed creeping back up towards the end of 2008. I have been going to my family phyisicain and neurologist and taking every medication know to man....or at least to Google. For some good news I have met my now current husband. HE IS A KEEPER! I have never felt more loved by any one man than I do by him. He is suppourtive, caring, and empathetic to my needs. He loves me and I will love him for that eternally. Together we have 4 children, all boys. I have two and so does he. The boys are great....loud.....but great! They are all so different and we never have a dull moment.
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